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This is now out of date, for full automapping of TouchOSC to Ableton Live see LiveControl (TouchOSC Edition)

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A MIDI Remote Script for the iPhone/iPod Touch application TouchOSC.

TouchOSC P3


Copy the TouchOSC folder to your ableton midi remote scripts folder.

The touchosc_config.txt in the TouchOSC folder is for the default mix 16 layout. To add your own layouts simply add the list of controllers to the text file. The layouts folder contains config files for the default TouchOSC layouts, simple copy one of these to touchosc_config.txt

Open touchosc_config.txt and change the first line to the IP address of your phone/ipod, then copy touchosc_config.txt to your home directory:

windows: c:\documents and settings\your user mac osx: /User/your user/

You need to have a midi loopback device installed, on OSX the IAC driver will suffice, on windows try midi yoke. You need to setup the devices as shown in the following picture:


This should automatically give you parameter feedback as well.

Tested on OS X 10.5.7 / Live 8.0.3 and Windows XP / Live 8.0.1

TouchOSC Setup

You need to set the ip address in TouchOSC to the ip of your computer and set the Ports as follows: outgoing: 5000 incoming: 5001


A special version of TouchOSC using my own custom layout in which page 3 acts to toggle sends and track volume.

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