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Updated version of LiveOSC + LiveAPI for Ableton Live 8

Now includes Mac OSX support (Live 8 only)

In developing this i also made an updated version of the osc library implementation that no longer relies on the struct module. Using this module means on win32 you dont need an external python distribution installed for the LiveAPI to work on Live8

Download: OSC(no_struct).py


  • Install Python 2.5.1 (must be this version, to match Lives internally python version) [Not required for OSX 10.5.8 as this is the default version, needed for 10.6]
  • Unzip the latest release which should give you a folder called trunk containing a folder called LiveOSC. The LiveOSC folder should be moved to Ableton's MIDI Remote Scripts folder.
    • On Windows this is located in \path\to\ableton\Live x.x.x\Resources\MIDI\Remote Scripts
    • On OSX this is located in /path/to/ableton/ -> Right click -> show package contents. Navigate to contents/app-resources/MIDI Remote Scripts
  • In ableton goto Preferences, Midi Settings. Select LiveOSC from the drop down list.
  • LiveOSC accepts packets on port 9000 and sends data on port 9001


LiveOSC has a number of queryable parameters and also supports listeners. Listeners do not need a polling call, they will automatically return when the property changes in the live set.

LiveOSC currently automatically observes clip playing status, clip colour and name, track names, devices and parameters, track parameters and a number of song properties

Include(source:trunk/LiveOSC/OSCAPI.txt, text/plain)?