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LiveControl (TouchOSC Edition)

This is a fork of the LiveControl project for TouchOSC giving full automap features to the ipod touch (and ipad when touchosc is released)



  1. If your on anything other than mac osx 10.5.8 you first need to install python 2.5.1 from:
  1. Download the Midi Remote Script Unzip and copy the LiveControl_TO folder to your midi remote scripts folder.
    • On Windows this is located in c:\path\to\ableton\Live x.x.x\Resources\MIDI\Remote Scripts
    • On OSX this is located in /path/to/ableton/ -> Right click -> show package contents. Navigate to contents/app-resources/MIDI Remote Scripts
  1. Install the config file with your devices ip address. Copy the default to your home directory and change the remote line to the ip address of your ipod. If using an ipad set ipad = 1
    • On Windows: c:\documents and settings\your user
    • On OSX: /User/your user/
  1. Install the Template on your device (included in the zip file above)
  1. Set the correct ports in TouchOSC: outgoing: 5000, incoming: 5001
  1. Select the the LiveControl_TO script in the midi preferences page in ableton.


iPod Pages

The script currently includes the following programs for the iPod

Clip Launcher

A standard clip launcher for the session view in ableton live


An extra row of buttons allows control of the live set tempo, overdub and metronome


Control over volume, pannning and two sends for all tracks.


Device Control


Clip Sequencer

A step sequencer that enters midi data into ableton midi clips


Press Menu 2 and use up down left right to select a midi clip in a track. Start the clip playing and the blue line will follow the clip playing position. Press a step to enter midi data. Up down left right move about in the clip and zoom+/- zoom in and out of the clip. The bottom faders represent the velocity of the selected row of midi notes. Inputting a midi note will select that row of notes velocities.

XY Pad

XY Pad for control over two parameters in a device.


Use the up down arrows to scroll through the list of parameters in the selected device, select an x and y parameter and they will be assigned to the XY pad. Each device on each track can have two parameters and all the parameters can be saved out to a config file.

Track Control

A page to reset volume / panning / sends for each track. Allows you to arm, solo and mute tracks as well


iPad Pages

The script currently includes the following programs for the iPad. If you have an iPad you need to set ipad = 1 in the config file.

Clip Launcher

A standard clip launcher for the session view in ableton live



Control over


Device Control


Clip Sequencer


XY Pad


Track Control