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Live Control Documentation

LCD Support



  • Install Python 2.5.1 (must be this version, to match Lives internally python version) [Not required for OSX 10.5.8 as this is the default version, needed for 10.6]
  • Unzip the latest release which should give you a folder called trunk containing a folder called LiveControl. The LiveControl folder should be moved to Ableton's MIDI Remote Scripts folder.
    • On Windows this is located in \path\to\ableton\Live x.x.x\Resources\MIDI\Remote Scripts
    • On OSX this is located in /path/to/ableton/ -> Right click -> show package contents. Navigate to contents/app-resources/MIDI Remote Scripts
  • In ableton goto Preferences, Midi Settings. Select LiveControl from the drop down list.
  • Configure MIDI In/Out? as shown here: here
  • You should be set to go. See below for configuration of programs and usage

Configuration File

The configuration file should be placed into the current users home directory.

Mac OSX: /Users/<user>/livecontrol.txt Windows: C:\documents and settings\<user>\livecontrol.txt

An example configuration file can be found in the Support subdirectory: Include(source:trunk/LiveControl/Support/livecontrol.txt, text/plain)?

The main LiveControl sections allows the configuration of the programs to load and the height and width of the attached device. Programs should consist of a comma separated list of program keywords found below.

For example for the Monome 128 with a custom set of programs: [LiveControl] width = 16 height = 8 programs = ClipLauncher?, Looper, Scale

Program List

Clip Launcher


A standard ableton clip launcher matrix. Clips that are blinking are currently playing, clips blinking at double speed have been triggered.



A step sequencer for sequencing midi data into midi clips.


Velocity Editor

Track Control


Track controls allows control over each tracks volume, panning, monitoring, sends, mute, solo and arm status. The default state deals with track reset buttons, arm, mute and solo. The sub programs allow control over the volume, panning and sends.





Track Filter

Default View

Configuring a filter

Per track control of high/low pass filter. Has both smoothed and queued (press buttons consequetively to queue) transitions and per track adjustable q.

Press and hold one button in the right hand column to change the filter type or adjust the q value.


Default View

Configuring a track loop

Kind of like mlr, allows you to move the position of a loop within a currently playing clip. Press a button to jump to that position in the clip, the clip will loop that specific region until you either jump to another position or press the same button again to release the loop.

Press and hold a button in the right hand column to configure the length of the selected loop.

Midi Faders

Default View


A set of 7 banks of 7 midi faders. Each fader is configurable to send instant or smoothed changes with a selection of transition speed. Each fader is also configurable with 3 different display types. Configuration information is saved in a set of audio racks positioned in the master channel.

Press a bank button a second time to get to the configuration menu.

Running the attached vvvv patch will allow midi feedback from ableton to your monome if parameters are updated by things other than the monome.

Device Control

Default View

Allows control over all parameters on a device

Scaled Keyboard


A scaled midi keyboard, with root and key selection and a hold function for instruments with a long attack.

Drum Rack


A program to interact with Lives Drum rack program.


MultiMode? works like the quadrants router, splitting up the device into multiple sections. There are two working modes:

  • 0: Split vertically
  • 1: Split horizontally

Programs can be configured using the config file. Directives are as follows: mode: 0,1 programs: list of two programs to load

Program keywords can be specified with two added suffixes.

  • W: Works with all programs and removes the final row from the display in most cases the control row.
  • H: Works with ClipLauncher?, Scale, TrackControl?
    • ClipLauncher?: Removes the track playing and extra button rows to show the maximum number of clips
    • Scale: Removes the bottom two rows that change key and octave. These can be configured using the config file.
    • TrackControl?: Removes the arm and solo buttons.

External Application

External Application can be used to load other programs into LiveControl. The app can be configured using the configuration file.

The following sections are required: prefix: /ext1 send: 4001 receive: 4000